no humans at all

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this project is definitely something I had never planned to create before. I never thought about it. (almost) none of these photos were taken for that purpose.

however, this came to me unexpectedly, while I was looking back at my old photos and I realized I have photographed a lot of seats and chairs, in most cases empty. I tried to explain it to myself with no results, so I thought that the process of making an album with them and possibly enrich it over time, could help me understand it. I don’t know if I will ever understand anything, but yet here we are with a set full of empty chairs and couches.

so this isn’t a story of empty seats, chairs, objects, loneliness or even melancholy. this is a neverending story of me, trying to understand why I prefer to capture this empty space between myself and some random seats, instead of just having some rest on them.

(mixed, digital & 35mm film)